Consuelo Casula, Lic Pysch

Mindfulness and Hypnosis.

With ourselves and our clients, the integration between mindfulness and hypnosis offers unique opportunities to enhance creative collaboration between conscious awareness and unconscious intuition and creativity.  The aim of Mindfulness is to evoke in the subject a non-judgmental posture of acceptance of what happens moment by moment. The aim of hypnosis is to evoke from subjects the embedded resources to give them back their natural resilience and their drive to change.

The complimentary outcomes are reached involving and integrating patients’ conscious and unconscious. Integrating the mindfullness and hypnosis can help you to calibrate the technology of radical acceptance with the technology of change. This integration invites invites you to talk to the conscious as well to the unconscious, and to awaken in your client the natural wisdom that knows that before any change is necessary to accept one’s own imperfection and the awaken creativity and emotional intelligence.

During this workshop, you will have the chance to practice some exercises of mindfulness proposed in a hypnotic way.

Learning Objectives

You will be able to describe at least 3 differences and similarities between mindfulness and hypnosis. And you will be able to use 3 or more hypnositic language patterns to increase the effectiveness of mindfulness practices.

Consuelo C. Casula is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Milan, Italy, and trainer for hypnosis and psychotherapy at the Scuola Italiana di Ipnosi e Psicoterapia Ericksoniana and at other schools of psychotherapy. She is the President-Elect of ESH (2011-2014) and Secretary/treasurer of ISH (2009-2012). She has presented papers and conducted workshops at national and international congresses, and also in Japan, Mexico, and Brazil, on Ericksonian hypnotherapy, metaphors, happiness, resilience, philosophy and hypnosis, and women development. She was invited to present at the 10th and at the 11th International congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. She has written articles and books on communication skills, leading groups, metaphors, women development and resilience. The book on metaphor has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French.